Ehsaas Program’s New Payment Initiative for Pregnant Women 2024

The new project from the Ehsaas Program gives pregnant women in Pakistan hope and support. Its goal is to help them with their finances and make sure they and their babies get the care they need. This piece reveals the important details of this program, making it easy for people who are eligible to get these benefits.

Ehsaas Pregnant Women Program

The main goal of this program is easy but important: to help pregnant women who are having trouble paying for care for themselves and their babies. The Government of Pakistan is doing the right thing by going after people who need help and giving them what they need.

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Who Qualifies for the Program?

This help is especially designed for pregnant women with low incomes because we know how important it is for them to have money during pregnancy and childbirth. The program tries to make things easier for these women and make sure that both moms and babies are healthier.

Steps to Join the Program

Joining the Ehsaas Pregnant Women Program is hassle-free. You can register easily by following a few simple steps:

  1. Registration Process
  • Click on the provided link to access detailed information and register yourself.
  • Submit the required information for swift registration and initiation of benefits.
  1. Required Documents

To complete the registration, ensure you have the following documents handy:

  • Your CNIC
  • Family Certificate
  • Income Certificate
  • Pakistani Citizenship Proof

Accessing Payments and Support

Once you are enrolled, you can expect regular financial aid to help pay for important things like getting the right prenatal care and making sure both mother and kid get the care they need. The program’s goal is to help pregnant women in all areas of their lives by giving them access to medical checkups and care that they might not be able to pay otherwise.

How to Check Payments Online

  • Change your CNIC to 8171.
  • Wait for an SMS confirmation from 8171 that tells you the state of your application.
  • If you need to, go to the Ehsaas program office and give them the details they need to help you right away.

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The Ehsaas Pregnant Women Program is a bright spot for pregnant women who are having a hard time with money. Women who are pregnant can get the help they need for a healthier birth experience by joining this program.

This project shows that the Government of Pakistan is serious about helping areas that need it the most. To apply, click the button below. You’ll then have instant entry to this program, which will provide support and help during this important time.

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