Benazir Latset Qist Released 10,500 for Eligible Persons New Update 2024

In a significant move aimed at providing financial support to the underprivileged segments of the population, the Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP) has announced the release of a new installment (Qist) of Rs. 10,500 for eligible beneficiaries. This initiative is part of the government’s ongoing efforts to alleviate poverty and support low-income families in navigating the economic challenges posed by inflation and the cost of living increases. This blog post delves into the details of this latest disbursement, eligibility criteria, and how beneficiaries can access these funds.

Overview of the Latest BISP Qist in 2024

The latest installment from BISP marks a crucial step in the government’s social welfare and economic support initiatives. By providing Rs. 10,500 to each eligible person, the program aims to offer a financial cushion that can help cover essential expenses such as food, healthcare, and education. This disbursement is expected to benefit millions of families across the country, contributing significantly to their financial well-being.

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Eligibility Criteria

To ensure that the aid reaches those in dire need, BISP has set specific eligibility criteria based on socio-economic factors. The eligibility criteria include:

  • Income Level: Families with a monthly income below a certain threshold qualify for the program.
  • Vulnerability Assessment: Households identified through a vulnerability assessment survey conducted by BISP are considered for the program.
  • Registration Status: Beneficiaries must be registered with the BISP database and have undergone the necessary verification processes.

Families and individuals who meet these criteria are selected as beneficiaries of the program and are eligible to receive the new Qist.

How to Get BISP Payment

Beneficiaries of the BISP can access the funds through a straightforward process designed to ensure convenience and security. Here’s how eligible persons can receive their Qist:

  1. Notification: Eligible beneficiaries are notified via SMS or letter about their entitlement to the new Qist.
  2. Biometric Verification: To withdraw the funds, beneficiaries are required to complete a biometric verification process at designated points, including banks and ATM kiosks that support biometric transactions.
  3. Collection: After verification, the funds can be collected from any participating bank or designated payment points across the country.

This system not only streamlines the disbursement process but also minimizes the risk of fraud, ensuring that the aid reaches the intended recipients.

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The release of the new Qist by BISP is a testament to the government’s commitment to supporting the most vulnerable sections of society. By providing Rs. 10,500 to eligible beneficiaries, this initiative plays a pivotal role in alleviating financial strain and improving the living standards of millions of families across the country. As BISP continues to refine its processes and expand its reach, eligible individuals and families must stay informed about the program and engage with it actively to avail of the benefits designed for their upliftment.


How can I find out if I am eligible for the new Qist?

Eligibility for the new Qist is determined based on the criteria set by BISP. You can find out about your eligibility by checking the BISP website or contacting their helpline. Additionally, eligible beneficiaries are usually notified by SMS or letter.

What documents do I need to collect the new Qist?

To collect the new Qist, you will need to present your original National Identity Card (CNIC) and complete a biometric verification at the designated collection point. No additional documents are typically required for the collection process.

Where can I collect the BISP funds?

You can collect your BISP funds from designated banks and ATM kiosks that support biometric verification across the country. The exact locations and participating banks are listed on the BISP website, or you can inquire about them through the BISP helpline.

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