How To Online Apply For Khidmat Card New Registration 2024

The Prime Minister of Pakistan, Mian Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif, started the Khidmat Card program. It has helped a lot of people in many places get money when they need it. As part of this program, people who apply will get regular cash aid to make sure they have access to basic resources and can pay their bills.

Khidmat Card Program

It’s like an ATM card, and every three months it gives out 3,600 rupees. You can get this money from any bank. Another important part is giving 12,000 rupees to pregnant women in Punjab who are qualified for cash aid every six months. This is especially important in Punjab towns and rural areas. This project streamlines the process of signing up and finding out if you are eligible for the program’s benefits. This makes it easier to join and see if you are eligible.

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CM Khidmat Card Scheme and its Reach

Giving people who earn it money every month is what the CM Khidmat Card Scheme is all about. This is especially true for people who need help with school. Its main goal is to help poor people by making sure they always have money.

Khidmat Card Program

Punjab Khidmat Card 2024: How to Apply

The Punjab Government has simplified the application process to make it easier for people who want to apply:

  • Go to the Punjab Social Protection Authority’s website.
  • Find the link to apply for the Punjab Khidmat Card and click on it.
  • Fill out the online application form with your name, phone number, social security number, and information about how much money you make each month.
  • Be carefully checked by PSPA staff to make sure the information given is correct

Checking Your Punjab Service Card Balance Online

Here are the steps you need to take to check your card amount online:

  • Go to the Punjab Khidmat Program’s main website.
  • Select “Check Balance” from the menu.
  • Give the necessary information, such as your ID card number and personal information
  • Wait for the process of checking the amount to finish.

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Benefits of the Khidmat Card Scheme

People who are qualified for the program can get several benefits, including:

  • Awards of up to 200,000 rupees to qualified winners
  • Financial help to candidates who deserve it
  • They offer loans for technical schools and small companies and help disabled people get wheelchairs and other basic things they need.


Pakistan’s government did a great thing by starting the Khidmat Card program, especially in Punjab. It gives people who need it financial security and access to basic resources. The easier registration process and online balance questions make it even easier to get these benefits, making the community more welcoming and helpful for everyone.

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