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The Sehat Sahulat Program 8500, also known as the Sehat Card, is a special healthcare plan made by the Pakistani government in 2019. This plan is meant to help people who don’t have a lot of money get the medical care they need. In this article, we will talk about how you can join this program, who can join, and what kinds of medical care you can get.

Sehat Sahulat Program Eligibility

The Sehat Sahulat Program 8500 is for families that don’t have much money and are considered poor by the government. If your family is in this situation, you can get a Sehat Card. This program also helps people who are transgender, disabled, or part of a minority group.

This program is great because it offers free healthcare to people who need it. It makes it easier for them to see a doctor when they’re sick, and it doesn’t cost them any money.

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Sehat Card Check Code Eligibility

To see if you can get a Sehat Card, follow these steps:

  1. Open the messages on your mobile phone.
  2. Send a message with your ID card number in this format: 12345-0000000-0.
  3. Send the message to the number 8500.

After you send the message, you will get a message back telling you if you can get a Sehat Card. But remember, you need to have at least Rs. 2.50 in your phone balance to check if you can get the card.

Sehat Sahulat Program Eligibility

NADRA Data for the National SEHAT CARD Facility

To join the program, you will need to do a few things:

  • If you are married, you need to register your marriage.
  • You need to provide information about your children and other family members.
  • Make sure that your family’s address is correctly listed with the head of the household in the NADRA Record.

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Admission to Hospitals through the Sehat Sahulat Program

If you need to go to the hospital, you don’t need a special health card. You can use your CNIC card (identity card) instead. It’s easy to get a health card by showing your CNIC card at the hospital’s health card counter. This makes it simple for you to get the medical care you need without any problems.

Admission to Hospitals through Sehat Sahulat Program

Frequently Asked Questions about the Sehat Sahulat Program

Here are some common questions people ask about the Sehat Sahulat Program, along with the answers:

What is the Sehat Sahulat Program? 

The Sehat Sahulat Program is a plan by the government in Pakistan that helps poor and vulnerable people get free medical care at hospitals and healthcare centers.

Who can join the Sehat Sahulat Program? 

Very poor people, workers who earn money every day, orphans, and people who are often left out can join. The rules might be a little different in each province.

How do I join the Sehat Sahulat Program? 

To join, visit the special place in your area where they take applications. You’ll need to bring some papers with you to prove your income, family size, and where you live.

What medical services does the program cover? 

The program covers lots of medical services like going to the hospital, surgeries, talking to doctors, tests, medicine, and emergency care.

Does the program cover health problems I had before? Yes, it does. Even if you had health problems before, the program will help you.

Can I choose any hospital or doctor?

You can choose from the hospitals and doctors on the program’s list. It depends on which ones are available and have the services you need.

Can I add new family members to the program? 

Yes, you can. Just follow the steps and give the needed papers to add new family members.

How can I get more information about the program? 

You can visit the program’s official website or call their helpline for more information. You’ll find their contact details on their official website.


The Sehat Sahulat Program 8500 is a lifeline for those in need, providing accessible healthcare services and financial relief to disadvantaged communities. By following the simple registration steps and understanding the program’s benefits, eligible individuals and families can enjoy improved health and well-being. For the most up-to-date information, always refer to official sources and program authorities.

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